Core Values

We believe that we are required to preserve our nature and habitat and no individual in this world should be distinguished and judged based on their race, religion, language, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, serious illness or disability, immigration status in this world where we are the guests, while the resources of our planet are destroyed brutally and the habitat is ruined selfishly due to particularly the increase in population and mankind’s ambition to dominate the nature.


We believe how important it is for us to be aware of the consequences of what we have on our dish and our food preferences should not eliminate the right to live, which is equal and sacred for all living creatures while we fight against a number of environmental factors from the destruction of rainforests by the production stage of the meat purchased at the markets or butchers to the waste of water, soil and energy to pollution of air and water to the triggering of climate change to the extinction of animal and plant species to the increase in greenhouse gases.